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Year 3 Winchester Science Museum- 2nd December

On 2nd December, Year 3 visited Winchester Science Museum. Here is a recount of the day written by the children:

Last Friday, 2nd December, we went to Winchester Science Museum on our school trip. We went there on a coach and when we got there, we saw lots of different science experiments. It was amazing! First, we had a workshop where we wrote lines of code to programme little Crumble robots. We then had a chance to explore the bottom floor of the museum that was all about space. After lunch, we spent some time looking at the top floor of the museum. We enjoyed using pulleys to move bricks with a crane, used Lego to build earthquake-proof buildings and played the strings of a giant guitar. Finally, we went into the planetarium and saw all of the constellations and planets on the ceiling. It was such an awesome day!