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Year 3 Rocks and Fossils Workshop- 27th June

Today, Year 3 were extremely lucky to welcome Dr Anjana Khatwa into school, a leading Earth scientist and geologist, to help us learn about the rocks and fossils found along the Jurassic Coast. Having visited Lulworth Cove yesterday, this was ideal to help us make sense of what we saw on our trip.

“Every rock is a time machine, it helps us know what happened in the past.”

Dr Khatwa began by sharing what her job is and how she was interested in rocks and fossils from a young age. She showed us some clips from her on TV and explained her fight for diversity within science. Dr Khatwa then shared some examples of rocks and fossils that she had collected.

We also looked at examples of coal and found out how it had changed life for humans. We looked at how it was a fossil fuel because it was made of fossilised plants, and how it was organic, because it used to live and breathe.

We then had an opportunity to share the rocks, fossils, books and pictures we had brought in to share. We also asked Dr Khatwa lots of different questions to help improve our understanding of our local coastlines.

Many thanks to Anjana for her time to inspire the children today!