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Year 3 Ancient Egyptian Day- 7th November

Today, Year 3 had their 'Dress like an Egyptian' day. Here is their recount:

Today, we had our Ancient Egyptian day. We all came into school dressed as Ancient Egyptians ready to be transported back to life in the land of the pharaohs.

We started by reading about the process of mummification and why important individuals such as pharaohs were mummified after their death. We discovered that the body was first purified with a substance called natron and then all of the organs were removed apart from the heart. We had a go at mummifying a carrot by covering it in salt and bicarbonate of soda to remove the water. After 2 weeks, we can then wrap them in linen strips.

After that, we looked at how the Ancient Egyptians communicated. We spoke about hieroglyphics and how the Rosetta Stone helped us know now what each symbol means. We looked at how papyrus from the River Nile was used to create paper, and then had a go at weaving strips of brown paper to create our own example. Later in the day, we then created hieroglyphic messages to write on our paper.

The rest of our day was focused on what the Ancient Egyptians ate and how they cooked and produced these foods. We again spoke about the importance of the River Nile and how it provided life in a harsh landscape like the desert. We made Ancient Egyptian bread flavoured with dates and honey, and tried different ingredients that the Ancient Egyptians would have eaten.

Here are some pictures of what we got up to: