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Learning Cycle

Our learning cycle shows the journey of each lesson across the school. We ensure that the children have time to recap prior learning so new learning builds upon what they already know. We endeavour to give all children time to practice and apply new knowledge in a variety of contexts across the curriculum. 

Remember: Retrieval practice to retrieve past knowledge from a different topic. Daily review to help to remember the key knowledge from the last lesson. This may take the form of a quiz, picture quiz, keyword match up, picture match up, flashcards, gap fill, tell your partner, etc.

Share Powerful Vocabulary: New knowledge is delivered in small chunks. Knowledge is broken down into knowledge statements, using ‘I know…’ which are assessed using challenging knowledge checks. Key vocabulary is discussed and learnt

Model: Routinely plan to model tasks, showing organisation, thinking and editing/checking. Support understanding of small steps taken- ‘my turn, our turn, your turn’ staged approach. Provide a scaffold for pupils which meets their learning needs and enables them to achieve the learning and for you to assess the ‘I know’ statement

Do and Check: Children have the chance to have a go and show their understanding with support from the teacher or peers. This model of ‘Model, Do, Check’ continues until the teacher is confident that the children have grasped the key knowledge

Apply in Context: Pupils have the opportunity to apply the new knowledge independently, working on the same learning concept but with differentiated task design. Apply what they have learnt in a relevant context or real-life context as appropriate. This may also take the form of test based NTS style questions

Reflect and Review: Recap on the new learning ensuring that the pupils have taken away the ‘sticky’ bit of knowledge. This could be by using sentence stems and precision of language to share their understanding