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School Ethos and Vision Statement

Please see below for our school ethos and vision statement. Also, follow the links to our school learning values and our curriculum aims.

School Ethos

Lifelong learning
We will develop self-motivated learners who are persistent and eager to learn and explore.

We will nurture natural curiosity and questioning by providing an environment where all learners are encouraged to be imaginative problem solvers and risk takers who can learn from their mistakes.

Providing a welcoming and secure environment for all, we will develop tolerant, respectful, collaborative learners and responsible citizens who live, play and learn together and take responsibility for the world around them.

Vision Statement

To develop:

  • Confident, independent and valued lifelong learners
  • Creative problem solvers
  • Respectful, collaborative learners
  • Partnerships in learning

Our aims are:

  • To work in partnership with parents
  • Every child to develop into confident, independent and successful learners who feel secure and valued
  • To work towards preparing children for their life in the world, so they develop knowledge of what will be expected of them; how they will be challenged, and what they are capable of

Together we work towards our aims by:

  • Creating a welcoming, bright and stimulating learning environment
  • Developing a school climate that celebrates diversity of race, culture, gender and ability
  • Fostering attitudes such as persistence, resourcefulness, resilience and reflection. We encourage the development of life long learning skills
  • Offering an exciting and challenging curriculum that provides rich learning experiences through carefully planned activities led by the National Curriculum
  • Using a good behaviour code, positive role models and rewards for effort and achievements
  • Supporting pupils to have a strong belief in themselves and in their abilities and a positive regard for others
  • Motivating children and setting high expectations in order for them to achieve their personal best
  • Encouraging the children to care for their school, their local community, even extending out to include the global community

Through working towards our aims, in this way, we strive to support children in achieving the highest standards of which they are capable, to be celebrated by all.