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Meet the Team at Henbury!

Mrs Sally Wall- Headteacher

Mr Dan Saunders- Assistant Headteacher 

Foundation – 4/5 Years

Mrs C Harmon- Class Teacher

Mrs F Ford- Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs W Taylor- Learning Support Assistant

Year 1 – 5/6 Years

Mr S Warden- Class Teacher

 Mrs M Connor- Learning Support Assistant

 Mrs W Taylor- Learning Support Assistant

Mrs A Abusah- Learning Support Assistant 1:1

Year 2 – 6/7 Years

Miss E Biles- Class Teacher

Mr J Gray- HLTA

Year 3 – 7/8 Years

Mr D Saunders- Class Teacher

 Mrs R Nicoll- Class Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Miss E King- Class Teacher

Mr P Guppy- HLTA

Year 4 - 8/9 Years

Mrs L Dawson- Class Teacher

Mrs M Hay- Class Teacher

Mrs A-M Hunt- Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs S Loder- Learning Support Assistant 1:1

Learning Development

Mrs S Wall- SENCo

Mrs S Saunders- Family Support Worker 

Office Staff

Mrs I Fido- HR/Finance Officer 

Mrs C Elms- Administrative Officer 

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs M Harvey- Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs H Townsend- Cook/Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs M Corney- Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs M Connor- Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs R Willmore