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Wider Curriculum Subjects

At Henbury View, our wider curriculum is designed to meet the needs of our children, with a carefully structured framework in place to ensure that the requisite key skills and knowledge in each subject area are taught and developed. This approach ensures that even our youngest learners begin to develop their own personal tool kit which they can expand as they journey through Henbury. As a staff, considerable research, time and thought has gone in to reviewing the curriculum offer to ensure that it meets the needs of our pupils and provides the framework for them to experience a high-quality education.

A body of knowledge is developed over time providing the Henbury child with a rich, well-rounded foundation on which to build an understanding of the world and their place in it, enabling our children to learn the skills and knowledge needed for a successful life. 

Children learn and remember what they have been taught and have the ability to discuss, explain and question this using a well-developed vocabulary. Our curriculum is designed to be layered, with each element deliberately overlapping others to reinforce, compliment and build on what has been taught previously to strengthen the children’s knowledge and understanding.

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Please click on the links to find more information regarding the teaching and learning of each curriculum subject.